If you have found the resources for practitioners helpful you might want to consider supporting the work we are doing. There are several ways you can do this.

If you like our website:

Please give us feedback about your use of the materials on the website


If you are using any aspect of the Integrative Model of Adjustment to Chronic Conditions (IMACC):

We are currently working on an Impact Case Study (ICS), which needs to be completed by June 2020. The more evidence we gather from practitioners about their use of the IMACC, the better support we will have for taking the research further into clinical testing.


What is the title of the ICS?

Improving function and wellbeing of people with long-terms conditions


How can you help?

The easiest way to help is to provide us with a testimony about your use of IMACC

We have also developed a questionnaire for practitioners, which will accommodate more detailed feedback, e.g. data on how many service users have benefited, etc. If you wish to be involved in the ICS in this way, you will need to complete a consent form and return it to us at Impact@meaningandpurpose.co.uk.  You will then be contacted every 3 months over the coming year (until June 2020 or maximum four times) for the purpose of gathering any evidence you might have regarding your use of the IMACC model. You will receive a reminder in month 3 and 9 and be asked to complete a questionnaire in month 6 and 12.  Any information you can provide each time would be helpful, even if it is only to say that you have not had the opportunity to use the model. However, the more detailed information you can provide, the stronger the evidence is for the impact of IMACC. To see what information we are asking for, please see the ICS Evidence Questionnaire.  It illustrates the types of information that might be relevant for you to collect and report back to me. However, any information about the use of IMACC is of interest and you need only answer the questions you find relevant to your practice. At this point in time the questionnaire is for your information only, you will receive another copy for completion in due course.


What do I have to do?

The first step is to complete the consent form and return it to us at Impact@meaningandpurpose.co.uk or using the details provided on the consent form.  Over the coming year we will contact you again as described above, using the information you provide on the consent form.


Ethical considerations

An ICS does not require ethical approval, however, we aim to conduct this ICS to a high ethical standard. Any evidence collected will be anonymised and kept separate from identifiable data.

If you are willing to support this work, please consent to be contacted and help us collect evidence for any impact of IMACC. You can of course withdraw at any time, should you wish. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about this ICS. If you find that you can implement IMACC in your clinical practice, but would like further training, please contact us to get more information about options, at Info@meaningandpurpose.co.uk.

Personal data including special category data obtained for the purposes of this research project is processed lawfully in the necessary performance of scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes carried out in the public interest. Processing of personal data including special category data is proportionate to the aims pursued, respects the essence of data protection and provides suitable and specific measures to safeguard the rights and interests of the data subject in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018.