Understand your condition and what works for you

It can be difficult adjusting to life with a long-term condition.  It can take time and you may need support to come to terms with how your life has changed.

Everyone’s experience of living with a long-term condition is unique.  The resources on this page have been designed to help you learn about your condition and ways to manage it effectively.



MyLifeTool is a self-management tool for people with long-term conditions.  It is designed for any long-term condition and was developed in partnership between people with long-term conditions, psychologists from Teesside University and Neuro Key.  We see self-management as a journey towards finding or maintaining meaning and purpose in life.  It is an ongoing process that people approach from their own perspective, to fit with their life, aims, needs and changes in their condition.

Download your copy from www.mylifetool.co.uk

Neuro Passport

The Passport, produced by Neuro Key, allows you to record key personal and condition information and record notes in one place to assist you when visiting health professionals.

You can download a copy of the passport from the Neuro Key website